Intelligent Detectors for Complete Safety

Meeting every need from "standard" to "special"

Desigo Fire Safety is a homogeneous family of fire detectors and control panels whose models are all compatible. From standard to special situations, it’s easy to realize the benefits of this comprehensive system:

  • ASAtechnology™ detectors from the S-LINE range are excellent for sophisticated applications with deceptive phenomena. They offer more than 20 detection profiles for different environments including data centers, power generation, utility rooms, warehouses, manufacturing, parking garages, and ducts. This means you can cover all applications with one detector. S-LINE detectors feature a No False Alarm guarantee from Siemens.
  • The C-LINE detector portfolio is a cost-effective option for standard applications.  Backed by many years of field experience and proven under numerous operating conditions, the Desigo C-LINE fire detectors provide comprehensive safety. This makes C-LINE detectors a great choice in standard environmental conditions where only occasional deceptive phenomena occur, in typical commercial applications.
  • The different control panels increase flexibility in system planning and keep your system scalable for the future. Detectors from both lines can be used together in a single network.  In short, Desigo fire-safety allows you to     manage diverse detection requirements with one detector family and one system.


  • One detector portfolio to cover most application areas, from clean to dirty
  • Reliable detection that eliminates false alarms due to unique forward and backward light
  • Compliant with NFPA 76 (Telecommunication Standard) and classified as a VEWFD
  • RoHS compliant, with detection capability equivalent to ionization detectors due to forward and backward light scattering technology
  • Increased reliability and fail-safe operation thanks to redundant sensors
  • Unique detection reliability and No False Alarm Guarantee provided by ASAtechnologyTM
  • Fast, reliable detection of smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide
  • Earliest detection of CO-generating fumes, also independently from fire, with the CO detector
  • Enhanced life safety provided by selectable fire detection profiles
  • Adjustable detection profiles guarantee quick, cost-efficient adaptation to environmental conditions

Whitepaper: Principles of ASA fire detection technology

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