Desigo Total Room Automation

Interactive room automation for energy efficient buildings

Invest in your building’s future and quickly benefit from significantly lower operating costs – using the intelligent Desigo™ Total Room Automation (TRA).

As an essential part of building automation, Desigo TRA lowers the energy consumption of every room in your building. The innovative Green Leaf symbol encourages room users to actively save energy, reducing operating costs and increasing your property’s attractiveness. At the same time, Desigo TRA lowers your building’s CO2 emissions and promotes your company’s green image. In addition, Desigo TRA adjusts the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading for optimal room temperature, air quality and lighting conditions in any situation – the best way to ensure user satisfaction.

Intelligent comfort for any room

Desigo TRA ensures a comfortable room climate, good air quality and optimal lighting conditions with as little energy as possible. In addition, all room disciplines can be operated easily and intuitively from a single room operator unit. This creates a pleasant workplace environment and increases the motivation and productivity of room users.

High energy efficiency for your building

The Desigo TRA room automation system links all disciplines within a room and ensures the perfect interplay between heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading. The system responds to the actual demand in the room, delivering only the amount of energy actually needed. Energy saving functions get room users actively involved in the process.

Straightforward operation for a comfortable room climate

All disciplines within a room can be operated conveniently from a single room operator unit. Desigo TRA room operator units are so user-friendly that operating errors – and associated energy losses – are virtually eliminated. In addition, the unique Green Leaf symbol alerts users when unnecessary energy consumption occurs. A simple touch of the Green Leaf symbol is all it takes to reset the room automation system to energy efficient operation.

NEW! Green Leaf symbol for optimized room climate

Cross discipline and intelligently linked efficiency function automatically detects unnecessary energy consumption in the room. Simply press the symbol to return to optimum operation.

TRA-energy optimizedTRA-red