CMI is an ENERGY STAR® Partner

Control Management, Inc. believes businesses benefit financially by continually improving their management of energy resources, and the environment benefits from reduced levels of related pollution.  We are proud to offer services and products that can assist businesses who have committed to the goals of ENERGY STAR.

ENERGY STAR for buildings

Did you know that a building or plant can earn the ENERGY STAR label just like a refrigerator or other home appliance?  An ENERGY STAR certified facility meets strict energy performance standards set by the EPA and uses less energy, is less expensive to operate and causes fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its peers. To qualify for ENERGY STAR, a building or manufacturing plant must earn a score or 75 or higher on the EPA’s 1-100 energy performance scale, indicating that it performs better than at least 75% of similar buildings nationwide. The ENERGY STAR energy performance scale accounts for differences in operating conditions, regional weather data, and other important considerations.

Give us a call and our staff can help you benchmark your building and give you a benchmark score.  If your building scores a 75 or higher, we can help you through the process to obtain the ENERGY STAR label.  If you don’t make the score, we can help you put plans in place to get there.