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Desigo Total Room Automation (TRA)

Interactive room automation for energy efficient buildings

Invest in your building’s future and quickly benefit from significantly lower operating costs – using the intelligent Desigo™ Total Room Automation (TRA). As an essential part of building automation, Desigo TRA lowers the energy consumption of every room in your building. The innovative Green Leaf symbol encourages room users to actively save energy, reducing operating costs and increasing your property’s attractiveness. At the same time, Desigo TRA lowers your building’s CO2 emissions and promotes your company’s green image. In addition, Desigo TRA adjusts the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading for optimal room temperature, air quality and lighting conditions in any situation – the best way to ensure user satisfaction.


50-Pt Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

A Cost-effective, Feature-rich Solution for Small Applications

Model FC2005 is an intelligent FACP that provides a cost-effective, feature-rich solution for small fire alarm system applications. Small and compact in design, Model FC2005 is ideal for small fire-protection applications using less than 50 addressable devices. You can connect up to 50 detectors or other devices from our Desigo™ Fire Safety family or other existing Siemens fire protection systems. You will also be able to connect future Siemens devices. This makes FC2005 a safe and long-term investment.


Intelligent Detectors for Complete Safety

Desigo Fire Safety is a homogeneous family of fire detectors and control panels whose models are all compatible. From standard to special situations, it’s easy to realize the benefits of this comprehensive system.


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