Solutions for safe places

SiPass integrated - flexible and reliable access control

SiPass® integrated is a powerful and flexible access control system that provides a very high level of security without compromising convenience and ease of access for system users. It is also possible to use SiPass integrated as a security management station (SMS) that integrates access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance into a single system.
Designed to fit into a state-of-the-art IT environment, the modular structure and scalability of SiPass integrated make it easy to keep pace with the changing needs of any organization.

Customizable and highly secured

In cases where an organization has outgrown its current access control system, a new SiPass integrated system can usually incorporate previously installed readers, as well as existing cards and cardholder data. SiPass integrated can offer a simple migration strategy from your legacy access control system to keep your investments protected. SiPass integrated is particularly useful in environments where information is highly sensitive and concerns about potential espionage exist.

Comprehensive audit-trail logging

Operators can create multiple audit-trail windows to filter events. The audit-trail logging also ensures that all database changes are logged in full detail. The exact changes are both logged and displayed on screen, including a record of the operator who made them.

Advanced alarm management

SiPass integrated’s standardized alarm management system enables the configuration of up to 1,000 alarm priority levels. To facilitate faster handling, the alarms are displayed and highlighted graphically according to priority. It also offers customizable alarm instructions that support security personnel.

Anti-passback and roll call

Anti-passback prevents the same card from being used to gain access twice. Entries to and exits from an anti-passback area must match, otherwise sub-sequent entries or exits can be denied. Anti-passback also enables roll call and mustering, which ensures the accuracy of counts of employees in different rooms and can be used in cases of evacuation or emergency where it is extremely important to have a targeted response for emergency teams.