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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, classes have been temporarily halted. Please use the form below to inquire about future class dates.

Let’s get up to speed on your new Desigo system!

We have an in-house training classroom set up for Desigo training. So, in addition to on-site training, we can offer Desigo classes in our Columbia office training center.

We currently offer two classes – you can review the curriculum below:

  • Introduction to Desigo
  • Desigo Trending and Scheduling

Introduction to Desigo - Course Curriculum

  • Log on to Desigo and exit Desigo.
  • Identify and explain the purpose of each pane in the System Manager window
  • Modify the screen to re-size and re-configure panes. Return to the original default pane layout
  • Display graphics. Zoom in and out on individual graphics
  • Monitor system conditions from a graphic. Navigate to other graphics in your system in multiple ways
  • Command points from a graphic and from the Operation tab
  • Release commanded points to system control
  • Acknowledge, reset, and close system alarms and events
  • Navigate to the graphic for a point in alarm

Desigo Trending and Scheduling - Course Curriculum

  • Trending Objectives
  • Start an on-line Trend
  • Define and save a Trend View Definition
  • Create an off-line Trend object
  • Locate trended objects in the System Menu
  • Collect Trend data
  • Delete a BACnet trend object
  • Scheduling Objectives
  • Identify the types of scheduling used at your facility: Apogee and BACnet
  • Locate schedules in the System Browser
  • Identify Apogee zones
  • Identify BACnet Schedules
  • Override an Apogee zone for a temporary change
  • Create an Exception to a Bacnet schedule
  • Discuss BACnet Calendars

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